Talk about an abdication of responsibility — the South Carolina GOP just gave a wrist slap to a man who left his post and went AWOL without telling anyone in government where he was going or turning the reins over to the Lieutenant Gov.  Let’s set aside the matter of the “little Sanford” controlling Mark Sanford’s judgment to go chase some tail, there would be a whole lot more than healing going on if the Palmetto State was hit with a natural disaster or some other sort of emergency while the governor was getting his pole attended to by his Argentinian mistress. Do you have any doubt that if this was a Dem governor that the state GOP would be calling for the man’s head?

South Carolina Republicans have voted to censure the state’s governor Mark Sanford over a sex scandal rather than calling for his resignation, easing pressure on their beleaguered colleague to quit.

The party issued the censure late on Monday to admonish Sanford over his affair with an Argentine woman and said he had “breached the public trust” and demonstrated “repeated failures” but stopped short of recommending further action.

…The chairwoman of the South Carolina Republicans called for an end to the three-week scandal that began when Sanford disappeared for several days. Aides said he was hiking in the Appalachian but it later emerged he had gone to visit his lover in Argentina.

“Now is the time for healing,” said chairwoman Karen Floyd.

Astounding hypocrisy.


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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding