Protocols Of The Learned Interns Of Zion

AIPAC for some reason put someone known as Shii on its D.C. intern mailing list, a hot tip sheet of all things professional-Judaica in the nation’s capitol, particularly if you like free food, networking and a skewed and mutually destructive perspective on the U.S.-Israel relationship. Shii doesn’t like at least one part of that equation. But it seems that you can’t unsubscribe from the list — tribesmanship is not optional! — and so until Shii is removed, s/he is posting every email received from it onto this new Tumblr.

Unfortunately there’s nothing incriminating or embarrassing so far, but I have every confidence that they’ll soon send out their super-secret tips for controlling the goyische mind. I learned young, after all. How do you think I convinced Jane to let me host my blog at FDL?

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