I often make a comparison between the gay rights movement and the cannabis legalization movement.  There are some parallels – the whole “coming out of the closet” concept, being criminalized for private consensual behavior, private support from pols who wouldn’t dare utter it publicly, for examples.  There are critical differences of course – the innate characteristic of sexual orientation vs. the choice to consume cannabis (though, not really a choice for many medical users), being “bashed” as a gay person vs. being incarcerated as a cannabis consumer, and so on – so I don’t try to paint the comparison as entirely valid.

However, when it comes to our opponents’ blind hatred of us and beliefs in our secret “agenda”, there are a lot of similarities.  Today I found a writer (term used loosely) ironically named John English who has discovered that we “potheads” have borrowed a page from the “gay agenda” — we’re recruiting the children!

The most convincing reason why potheads must remain criminals, why marijuana must remain illegal, is their targeting of children. That behavior in and of itself reveals that they suffer from a deep psychological insufficiency, a need to draw children into becoming like them – whether it’s a need to justify their own beliefs or some other motivation, it doesn’t matter! They’re damaging future generations and doing so intentionally.

Now if I can only find a prohibitionist to argue that we’re trying bring this country to her knees to force our legalization agenda down America’s throat, the rhetorical circle will be complete.




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