So there I was, surfing through news sites this morning when I came across this article from the Boston Globe, More female veterans are winding up homeless.

WASHINGTON – The number of female service members who have become homeless after leaving the military has jumped dramatically in recent years, according to new government estimates, presenting the Veterans Administration with a challenge as it struggles to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.

As more women serve in combat zones, the share of female veterans who end up homeless, while still relatively small at an estimated 6,500, has nearly doubled over the last decade, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

For younger veterans, it is even more pronounced: One out of every 10 homeless vets under the age of 45 is now a woman, the statistics show.

And unlike their male counterparts, many have the added burden of being single parents.

“Some of the first homeless vets that walked into our office were single moms,’’ said Paul Rieckhoff, executive director and founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. “When people think of homeless vets, they don’t think of a Hispanic mother and her kids. The new generation of veterans is made up of far more women.’’

Now just think about this for a bit. I grew up in the Vietnam era and have known homeless vets from that war. I served in the US Air Force with a lot of women, women who were just beginning to break into fields that put them on the flight line.

Now, with the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, we not only have a new source for Post Traumatic Stress, we now have women veterans becoming homeless from this, with significant numbers of them being single parents, assuring us that these problems will continue to play out for future generations.


What in the HELL have we done?

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