In response to the Washington Post article this weekend indicating that Obama had "expressed his concern over advertisements and online campaigns targeting moderate Democrats," Democracy for America’s ad atttacking Mary Landrieu was singled out.

I asked Charles Chamberlain of DFA for a response:

For the record, Democracy for America, will not be pulling back our ads.

If we do anything because of it, DFA will expand the campaign now we know they’re running scared enough to demand we stop. Of course if these Senate Democrats would really like us to stop, then they could just publicly support the choice of a public health insurance option and stand with the President, Dr Dean and 76% of America. When they do that, then they won’t even need to ask.

People familiar with what transpired on the call have told me that Obama did not call out any specific group or campaign. But the article said that Obama believes "we shouldn’t be focusing resources on each other," and that he "hinted that efforts are under way to discourage allies from future attacks on Democrat."

Charles says that DFA has not received any pressure from the White House to scale back their efforts.

MoveOn cosponsored the Landrieu ads with DFA. I wrote about the story this weekend, and a post by slinkerwink on Kos urging MoveOn not to pull the ads got 832 comments. There is a petition asking MoveOn to continue the Landrieu campaign here.

I have asked MoveOn for an official comment on whether they will continue the campaign and have not heard back.

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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