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“Moral Compass” Marion Barry Arrested for Stalking Woman in a Park

Our divine “moral compass” and declarant of “civil war” on same-sex marriage was arrested and charged last night in DC for stalking a woman in Anacostia Park.

According to the Washington Post:

 At about 8:45 p.m., a woman traveling near the intersection Good Hope Road and Anacostia Drive flagged down a U.S. Park Police officer to report that a man in a vehicle nearby was stalking her, said Sgt. David Schlosser, a Park Police spokesman. That man, Schlosser said, was [Marion] Barry.

The officer interviewed the woman and Barry, then arrested Barry and took him to the Park Police's Anacostia Station, Schlosser said. There a detective interviewed Barry again, and police charged him with a misdemeanor count of stalking. Barry was released and ordered to appear in court, likely sometime later this week, Schlosser said.

Barry, a former D.C. mayor, has had a series of brushes with the law during a long career in politics and civic activism. He is currently on probation for tax offenses.

How much are you willing to bet the religious fanatics won't be circulating a referendum petition to remove the morally corrupt and divorced 4 times Barry from office? Oh the hypocrisy keeps growing, and it's only been a week since “sanctity of marriage” Sanford f**ked around on his wife. Now if only we could catch Rick Warren smoking crack with a prostitute.

UPDATE: When asked by reporters what he was doing in the park with the woman, Barry replied, “The bitch set me up!” LOL!

(update hat tip to RainbowPhoenix)

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