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Mental Junk Drawer #3- FOOD et al.- Open topics

So I'm browsing the overnight and early morning comments in the Blend this morning and a fellow Blender wakes it up by saying he's going to some diner or another, presumably in North Carolina. In spite of the modest portions of BBQ that I ate yesterday, I developed a sudden craving for some biscuits and gravy.

Since it's an absolutely wonderful day weather wise in Chicago, I decided to walk to Dixie Kitchen. As you may or may not know, there was a recently unearthed episode of the local Chicago PBS show Check, Please that featured state Senator Barack Obama recommending the Dixie Kitchen as his favorite resturant.

The Hyde Park Dixie Kitchen is now closed but the Evanston Dixie Kitchen is still open and rather busy, from the looks of it this morning. I walked there, Sunday New York Times in tow.

I had a great Cajun biscuits and gravy with coffee as I alternated between reading the Magazine cover story on the California Governor's race and lusting after a guy sitting with a (presumably) straight couple two tables over.

I also love to travel and to try out different places to eat. In light of that, I have a few questions;

1) What is your favorite local resturant? What is your favorite dish at your favorite local resturant (my favorite dish at Dixie Kitchen is the pecan trout

2) Have you cut back on eating out during the recession? And if so, how much.


And of course anything else on food (your cooking skills or, in my case, lack thereof. yeah, teh ghey gods forgot that portion of my ghey genes).


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