Some days are better than others, I guess. From The Leaf Chronicle:

A disagreement at the local Social Security office Wednesday ended with one of the people dropping her pants.

According to a Clarksville Police report, a customer became angry when she and a office clerk got into an argument about the customer’s gender.

The suspect then allegedly dropped her pants to prove she was a female, according to the report by CPD Officer Nathan Vanatta.

Well. As we’re having this “reboot” week that includes a lot of lively discussion on sex, gender, transgender, transsexual, and privileges of all sorts, the last line of the article goes to the suspect reality of living trans:

According to the report, the suspect was born a man and had gender reassignment surgery and is now a woman.

Worthy of note, I guess, is that the article mentions an argument between both the customer and the clerk, and metions the customer was “angry.” Not only was the customer sex and gender suspect, but now she’s a criminal suspect as well.

…With her story being of interest for her local press.


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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen