After being banned here a bit over a year ago for having said:

“It is my belief that the excesses of those pushing the
transgender agenda are becoming so apparent they have sown the seeds
of their own eventual destruction…..” the irony of Autumn's and Pam's position vis a vis the TG ™ community is not lost on me.

And the further irony is that when it comes to the whole “cis-sy” thang, I actually agree with Autumn.  It is often used as a weapon, I've seen it being done for over a year now on feminist blogs all over the internet against potential allied feminists.

Which brings me to the point of this short entry.  Labeling others against their will only serves to piss people off.  It remains the heart of the issue between women of transsexual/intersexed history and the TGs.  Sign the Petition if you agree

The other Huge problem with cis is also transsexual related rather than TG related.  How can you transition to become part of a group you insist is the “other”?  Short answer, you cannot.  By dividing the world into cis-sys and transies you are saying once trans, always trans and an actual transition is impossible.  Think about it….and think about what that means to claims to the right to invade women space.

The primary arguments about the use of cis revolve around “privilege”, I'd argue the primary argument against the umbrella use of “transgender” is exactly the same with very interesting power dynamics involved….
men vs. women vs. men who pretend to be women, vs. women who were born transsexual, vs. genderqueers…..the mind boggles at who is oppressing whom the most.

There you go Pollyanna….let's see if this stays up after the 9'th




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