Blowing this podunk state


(Original photo here. Credit where credit is due)

Sarah Palin is quitting because it’s hard to campaign for President from North Snowhell and because she can be more effective outside of politics which probably means that she going to be starring on Fox as White Trash Oprah.

Also. The press is to blame:

Late Update: Reporter Andrew Wellner from the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman just appeared on CNN after attending Palin’s press conference. She said, Wellner reported, that Palin said she could be more effective outside of government. And she wholly blamed the national press, saying they were creating national distractions that cost the state money. Palin said: "You are naive if you don’t see a full-court press on the national level, picking apart a good point guard."

Yeah Sarah. You played basketball in high school. We get it. It’s still a big "fuck you" to Alaskans.

Also. Hahahaha.

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