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At Texas Tea Party, Joe The Plumber Recommends Forced Deportation of Immigrants

Joe went Teabagging in Conroe, Texas yesterday, and he didn’t disappoint.

Wurzelbacher said the elected officials who are ignoring the constitution plan to succeed by telling the American public it is for their own good, when they are actually doing it for selfish reasons.

He is concerned with more than taxes, and also has strong views on immigration.

“I believe we need to spend a little more on illegal immigrants get them the (expletive) out of our (expletive) country, and close the borders down,” Wurzelbacher said. “We can do it."

Joe, who is very concerned about intrusive government and profligate spending, didn’t discuss the legal issues, hard costs or logistics associated with arresting and deporting about 15,000,000 men, women and children nationwide. But…America, fuck yeah!

Favorite screengrab from the video:


Teabagging: still totally nonpartisan!

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