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Tim Ryan (D-OH) declines to take a position on a strong public option

Tim Ryan is one of the progressive members of the House listed in the handy whip tool, and last Thursday I decided to see if he would pledge to vote against any health care reform bill that did not contain a robust public option as outlined by Jane:

  • Available from day one.
  • Available to everyone.
  • Accountable to Congress (and by extension, voters).

The staffer who answered the phone took down my information and said someone would bet back to me. Thursday passed, then Friday, no answer. On Monday I called back again and spoke to the same staffer. He did not recall and had no record of our conversation, but took down my question again and said he would pass it along. There was no answer by the end of the day nor was there any response yesterday.

Today I called the office again and this time talked to a different staffer. She also took down my question, name and phone number and said someone would follow up. As of 5 PM EST there was no response; I assume everyone has gone home for the day. I suspect the office will coast through tomorrow and into a long holiday weekend, so the earliest I expect a response would be next Monday. But to be honest, at this point I get the impression I am being politely ignored.

Has anyone else called Rep. Ryan about this at 202-225-5261 or faxed him at 202-225-3719, and if so have you received a response? If so, please update the whip tool with the response (if you haven’t already) and please share it in the comments to this post as well. Also, please include the secret to your success so the rest of us can use it in the future. And if you are a constituent and have not contacted Rep. Ryan yet please consider doing so. Make your voice heard while the sausage is being made, not when we’re quibbling over the packaging.

Rep. Tim Ryan
Phone: 202-225-5261
Fax: 202-225-3719

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