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Same As It Ever Was. Again.

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There’s this pattern that’s emerged ever since the TARP beginnings of ‘sposed bank/finance reform, and it’s repeated itself ad nauseum in the energy reform bill issues and now more openly as the healthcare reform issues come to light.

Given the level of hope and reform we elected Obama to pursue, it’s becoming REAL disheartening to see these patterns continue to dominate, water down, obstruct and even eliminate any efforts to change or reform sectors of our nation that desperately need it.

Those patterns are the unfettered and continual emergence of special interest lobbying moneys that rival the lost pallets of Billions Of Dollars by the War Machine in Iraq and elsewhere.

There are graphs FDL and others have put up showing industry by industry, be it banking/finan or energy or healthcare, graphs that show lobby money by industry, company, and to which politician.

And although it’s no SECRET our pols are bought off and paid for, despite the fact WE voted them in, it’s just damned frustrating to have all the evidence there in our face about our pols being influenced and corrupted by dollars from special interest groups and we STILL can’t seem to get anything done or hold them accountable for their actions.

Arianna Sums It Up Nicely

Now, while I read HuffPo daily, I DO consider it a tabloid headline kind of place for the most part. But Arianna DOES publish source articles from places I don’t always get to, and she herself is really no slouch when it comes to public opinion editorializing. And this read is a good one, with linky’s to sources and other supporting information.

And Arriana says all I would have to say about these patterns of influence buying and meddling in our legislative affairs. So give it a read if you haven’t already seen it.

A GREAT Read About Financial Issues National And Global

Glenn Greenwald April 20th, Bankers Own The Senate

Robert Sheer Exposes Goldman Sachs, Geithner, Paulson And Our Government

Borosage Exposes More Bankers, Implores Reid/Pelosi To Appoint Heavy Hitters To Finance Investigation Committee

And for the life of me I don’t know why Deep Capture, and Mark Mitchell’s new epic about Dendreon don’t get a LOT of play in the blogs as they offer factual, detailed and vivid analysis and revelations of bad guys and the bad things they’ve done. Like take down our financial system and helping to destroy the global financial structure. Read It All Here

Another source of incredible inside info on dark and nasty doings is Sibel Edmonds Blog. She’s onto SO many things it’s a wonder she’s not been ‘eliminated’ somehow.

What’s my point?

I don’t see no stinking change.
I see the enabling of the status quo.
Same As It Ever Was.

And I never got to the part about the War Machine Abroad and how part of ITS mission creep for the 1% elite is not only to influence, access, control natural resources and their distribution methods, but how our War Machine is actually taking over the development, harvesting and transportation of heroin and other drugs worldwide to create all KINDS of laundering operations for money that’s spent to further the global encroachment of that 1%.

Like Milo in Catch 22 and his M&M Enterprises, corruption is everywhere.

It can be quite overwhelming. But here’s what I’m slowly learning after decades of frustration about a lack of progressive movement forward.

The only way to get beyond it is to focus on yourself, and what YOU can do for yourself, your family, and those you care for. And those little ripples, if everybody was to create them, can lift a mighty tide. Think of ONE person in the back of a bus. Think of ONE student who dared to go to school.

And that’s my hope, to counter such despair I paint. That by doing what you can for yourself, it will move others 😀

Hard lesson to learn, for me.

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