31 Jul 2009

Late Late Night FDL: Club Poodle

Featuring new videos from Yo La Tengo and The Lee Boys.

31 Jul 2009

I Am a Gang Member

I Am A Gang Member

31 Jul 2009

Single Payer Actions, Aspirations, and Calculations on Medicare’s Birthday

Report from the July 30 day of lobbying and rallying in support of Medicare for All, on the occasion of Medicare’s 44th birthday.

31 Jul 2009

Obama’s Secret Ninja Army Gun Rapes Teabaggers
Who Only Wanted To Place Daisies In Their Gun Barrels

Someone named Destiny Baker was protesting against President Shaka Zulu in Virginia and was shocked (shocked!) to see that there were a bunch of white men with guns who, oddly, weren’t trying to kill the foreign socialist usurper.

31 Jul 2009

Karl Rove: That’s Why They Call It a Limited Hang-Out

Now why do you suppose Robert Luskin went to the trouble of orchestrating a limited hang-out in the NYT and WaPo yesterday?

31 Jul 2009

Open thread: poll breaks down the birther demo

It's time to kick back, relax, surf the web and bring us some interesting links, stories, and do a little chatting and blogwhoring… The sad state of American mind can be seen in this Daily Kos-sponsored poll by Research 2000 (Jul 27, 2009 – Jul 30, 2009; margin of error

31 Jul 2009

Let the Harvey Milk bashing begin courtesy of Focus on the Family

crossposted on Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters Sadly,(Harvey) Milk and his many partners could be poster boys for an analysis produced by authors from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that shows the widespread degree to which men who have sex with men were abused as children. . .

31 Jul 2009

Late Night: Elephants on Parade

Olbermann goes after O’Reilly directly for Bill-O’s distortions, lies, and dangerous invective. In return, Fox’s angry anchor goes after. . . not Olbermann, not Olbermann’s politics, but after Olbermann’s paycheck—after KO’s corporate bosses. . . . And then KO’s bosses and Bill-O’s bosses have a sit down.

31 Jul 2009

The Last Senate Committee Standing On The Hill

For a while, the Energy and Commerce Committee was the last House committee standing on the Hill, and that’s now changed with the passage of the House Tri-Committee out of the committee on a vote of 31-28 today. All the three House committees and the Senate HELP committee were able to pass the health

31 Jul 2009

The Seminal Watercooler: Palin Pulls Out

Despite an earlier announcement from a California Republican women’s group, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will not be speaking to an event sponsored by the group scheduled for next weekend at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, a spokeswoman for her political action committee said Thursday night…As repeatedly stated to several in the media over the last week, former Governor Sarah Palin is not committed to attend the Simi Valley Republican Women’s event at the Reagan Library and in fact is not attending the event,” read a statement from Meghan Stapleton that was posted on Palin‘s Facebook site.”