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Why Doesn’t Bill Clinton Lead the Charge to Repeal DOMA?

The most telling part of the DOMA debate thus far is the silence of DOMA's daddy, Bill Clinton. How compelling would it be if the former President were to deliver a speech on gay rights and apologize for his signature on that horrific piece of legislation and call for its repeal? What is stopping Bill Clinton from leading the charge, and offering Obama a little cover (not that he needs it) on the issue?

After all, it was Bill Clinton's cowardice that got us into this mess in the first place, why not place it at least partly on his shoulders to correct it? Where is the pressure from LGBT Democrats on the former President, to get him to step up to the plate. I want Bill Clinton leading the charge.  Do you know that he has NEVER aplogized to the LGBT community for his signature on that bill?  Why hasn't he? 

There has been some angst here ansd elsewhere that Hillary would have been the better advocate for LGBT rights were she the President. I am skeptical about that, and, obviosuly, it's irrelevant now. I certainly don't want to paint Hillary with the sins of Bill, but if that premise were true, wouldn't it be great if Bill stepped up right now when we need him?  What's stopping him?

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