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Steve Hildebrand’s Email?????

Does anyone have a copy of this email about Steve Hildebrand's meeting with Obama last week????


As reported by MSNBC and The New York Times:

“For 15 minutes in the Oval Office the other day, one of President Obama’s top campaign lieutenants, Steve Hildebrand, told the president about the “hurt, anxiety and anger” that he and other gay supporters felt over the slow pace of the White House’s engagement with gay issues.”

“Mr. Hildebrand did not respond to calls and e-mail messages asking about his encounter with Mr. Obama, which he described in a private e-mail forum for gay political leaders. (The meeting was confirmed by senior White House officials.)”

I would love to see this email posted here for the rest of us to have the benefit of Mr. Hildebrand's wisdom!  If this guy is saying he speaks on behalf of the LGBT community, then why is his email of the meeting being hidden from us?  C'mon Steve, cough it up. 


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