huston_b.jpgEvidently, this wingnut doesn’t think much of George HW Bush and John Cornyn, but seriously. Fat, stupid and not reading your own links is no way to go through life, Warner

…by her own admission, she was admitted to Princeton ahead of other law students as a result of affirmative action despite having lower grades. She once gleefully called herself a “perfect affirmative action baby,” even as her grades were “highly questionable.”

All that is bad enough. To be sure, high grades in law school are not in and of themselves any guarantee of an ideal Supreme Court Justice and should not stand as a final qualification at any rate.

So, this is the person that a President of the United States has proffered to take a seat on the nation’s highest court. A racist with low grades and a sense of entitlement that has been reversed or scolded in five out of the six cases of hers that have appeared before past Supreme Court sessions.

And this is from one of the articles he links to.

Judge Sonia Sotomayor once described herself as “a product of affirmative action” who was admitted to two Ivy League schools despite scoring lower on standardized tests than many classmates, which she attributed to “cultural biases” that are “built into testing.”… “With my academic achievement in high school, I was accepted rather readily at Princeton and equally as fast at Yale, but my test scores were not comparable to that of my classmates,” she said.

Nothing in there about "lower grades" or "highly questionable grades" or "grades in law school." As the piece makes clear, Sotomayor is referring to her SAT and LSAT scores, which, to be fair, perhaps Warner doesn’t know about because standardized tests aren’t required for admission at the Hazzard County College of Bible Learnin’ and Tractor Fixin’.

And as anyone with the proper number of chromosomes could figure out using teh Googles, her grades sucked so badly at Princeton she graduated summa cum — and she did so poorly academically at Yale Law School that they made her editor of the Yale Law Journal.



allan makes a good point in comments.

Uh, Princeton doesn’t have a law school. Epic fail.

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