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Peter LaBarbera 'enters youtube era'

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UPDATE – First Peter disables the comments and ratings. Now he has made the video “private,” which means it is only viewable to those he chooses to show it to. But you can still watch the monstrosity on youtube.

I view this as a success. We made him pull a full retreat. And please bear in mind that no one tried to keep him from showing his video. But if he is man enough to demonize the lgbt community videowise then he should be man enough to put up the comments and ratings. (Editor's note – By saying this, I am not defending any ugly or threatening comments directed towards LaBarbera.)

Somedays I hate technology.

Like this morning for example when I logged onto the Americans for Truth webpage (some people drink coffee to wake up, I like to laugh) and saw that Peter LaBarbera has posted footage from the 2009 Chicago Pride on youtube.

Interestingly enough, unlike LaBarbera's past photo footage of prides, the Chicago event seems relatively tame.

LaBarbera even has to manufacture some ridiculous claim that gays marching in the parade are anti-police via footage of a sign by some of those marching. Of course LaBarbera didn't think to question those holding the sign as to what it meant.

I guess he figured why take a chance on ruining a good innuendo.

LaBarbera's “entry” into youtube has both negative and positive repercussions.

The negative being we can expect to see more footage from other events posted on youtube complete with LaBarbera's “editorial comment” and innuendo.

The positive repercussions are that now we have another avenue to point out LaBarbera's blatant homophobia. And we also have the opportunity to tell him know what we think about his demonization of the lgbt community via ratings and comments just like we did with NOM's “Gathering Storm.”

That is until we scare him so bad that he disables both.

I say let's start now. I've already given my rating and comment.

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Alvin McEwen

Alvin McEwen