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Does Obama or the IRI – Anti-Commie Rich White Guys – Run America’s Foreign Policy

The army in Honduras would never have made this coup without ASSURANCES that America would talk tough but otherwise do nothing. The School for the America’s trained Generals do nothing unless America says so, well the anti Commie secret Government part of America. The IRI is the Anti Commie secret Government’s foreign policy wing run by John McCain (its former chair) and friends. They certainly have the political power to make assurances to the Generals in Honduras that America will do nothing, just look at the hard time they are giving Obama on everything. We know or at least we Hope that Obama’s people were unaware

The IRI currently operates with a robust budget of $79 million. Though one of John McCain’s goals as chairman of the organization has been to increase private funding for the IRI, the overwhelming majority of funds for the organization comes from two public sources, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

My bold However what do you want to bet the IRI is using TAX PAYER cash to support this coup?

Not only does the NED represent a misuse of taxpayers’ dollars, but its interference in the affairs of supposedly sovereign nations is illegal and its lack of transparency should disqualify it from receiving public funds. However, the opposite has happened and NED funding has risen from $59 million in 2005 to $74 million in 2006, in addition to $10 to $15 million in operation-specific funds mandated by Congress.USAID is the other major donor to the IRI. Established in 1961, the organization has the “two-fold purpose of furthering America’s foreign policy interests in expanding democracy and free markets while improving the lives of the citizens of the developing world.” It is important to note that the ultimate goal of USAID is to advance US interests, with the secondary goal being to benefit the citizens of the world. This technicality explains why USAID sponsors the IRI, an organization that sometimes foregoes the latter goal in its pursuit of the former. USAID had a $176 million budget for operations in Latin America in 2006, a significant portion of which went to the IRI.

My bold what do you want to bet that this money we can’t find out how it was spent was used to support the Coup? John McCain as a past head of the IRI and as a Senator approving money to be used for Coups across South America should RESIGN or face War Crimes. Obama must cut all the IRI’s public funds we could use the money on Stimulus jobs. We must have Congressional investigations of the IRI. Or we can have multiple wars in South America sending millions of refugees to America. Which the GOP would love they love low wage workers the Tea Baggers and Minute Men have never caught on to that. Also the Anti Commies very well might lose this time after decades of failed Military rule how many people outside the rich are likely to support IRI backed governments this time?

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