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Nico Pitney Slaps Dana Milbank Around

Based on his outrage when Nico reminds him he praised the "Mission Accomplished" moment, I think Dana might wanna Google his own columns.

For Bush — who also gave a national address from the carrier and spent the night aboard — it was a bold bid to surround himself with the aura of the U.S. military.

And WTF are Milbank and the always unbearable Amanda Carpenter bitching about? When Bush invited right-wing propagandists like Hugh Hewitt, Neil Boortz and Glenn Beck for an exclusive sit down in the White House, I didn’t hear any hand-wringing about "collusion" or everyone getting a "fair crack at the President." So here the White House calls an actual reporter doing great work on a particular subject and tells him he might get called on — and it’s a national scandal? Bite me.

 For some background on this, read EW.

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