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GLAD lets Obama’s DoJ “off the hook,” for now?

After Obama's Department of Justice used vile language to defend DOMA in Smelt v United States the next DOMA case, for which many eyes are on, for the DoJ to defend is Gill, et. al v. United States.

The Gill suit filed by Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD) challenges provision 3 of DOMA which restricts the federal government from extending federal rights, responsibilities and benefits to married same-sex couples. The DoJ was supposed to file its brief on or before June 29, 2009; however GLAD has decided to amend its complaint in late July which therefore extends the DoJ's deadline to September of this year.

So is this another case where backdoor deals are being made, or is there a valid amendment that needs to be filed to the compaint. And what I mean by that is, recently we have heard of cases (primarily by the Human Rights Campaign) having Congress hold back legislation such as Don't Ask Don't Tell in an effort to get what they want to see put through the legislature. So my question above “is this another case where backdoor deals are being made” is a valid one. Since GLAD leaders apparently met with the DoJ last week, did they decide to allow the administration to “save face” tomorrow as they are preparing the non-publicized shindig to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion?

Obviously I don't have any evidence to back up this skepticism, but from recent reports of other LGBT rights organization making these closed and backdoor deals with Congress, who's to say that this isn't what is going on now?

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