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Conventional wisdom on health financing reform, if our national discourse were sane. Please add your own in comments.

The real controversy of Obamacare is not the public plan, it’s the private-insurance reprieve.

Ask not why “individual responsibility” is a pillar of Obamacare. Ask why refusing to fire the insurance companies is responsible.

Insurance is not something you “have.” Insurance is what your insurer chooses to do. You cannot “like” the insurance you “have”; at best, you can “like” what your insurer has chosen, so far, to do.

Choice of plans and choice of provider are not equivalent. No normal American yearns for a choice of plans.

An insurance exchange is not a mechanism for enlightened choice among benefits. It is a mechanism for subdividing and horse-trading a human right.

Insurance is not coverage. Coverage is not health care. Health care is not health.

A public option plan is the irresponsible, wild-assed gamble; single payer is the boring, conservative, proven solution.

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