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Hopemobile Watch: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

Looks like it's about time for Stewart and Colbert to get their turns under the Hopemobile.  Both Stewart and Colbert chose different issues to criticize President Transparently Fierce.

Stewart highlighted the latest lack of transparency from the Obama Administration.  Stewart started listing the transparency issues that the Obama Administration has had.  The highlight was Stewart chairdancing to “Let the Sunshine In”.  Well, that is, unless you're a complete moron, in which case, the highlight was Stewart doing a public information spot to remind people that sunshine really isn't the best disinfectant–please, wash it off and maybe use some Neosporin.

Colbert then continued the criticism by devoting his “Word” segment to criticize the Obama Administration for “Stonewalling”.  Obama couldn't possibly take time out of his busy, busy schedule to suspend DADT–that would take “a stroke of the pen”.

So if you're in the mood to go watch the Obamapologistas heads spin and 'splode, check out your favorite Obamapologist website.  News should be coming any second about how irrelevant Stewart is, how he doesn't have any important guests (Madeleine Albright doesn't count!!!!), and Colbert is clearly an enemy of America (despite his recent USO sponsored trip to Iraq).

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