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Good News for HappyCat,

  I haven’t been writing or commenting a lot lately.  Just wanted to mention what all has changed in two weeks.  First of all, I am Thankful that President Obama and his stimulation plan extended Unemployment Compensation and the Great Governor Ritter of Colorado accepted the extra Unemployment money.  This is the last week I can collect.  And I managed to land a job doing what I love to do and I will be making the same amount of money as I was before I was laid off last October.

 During the time of my lay-off, my mom had both of her knee replacement surgeries completed.  So this worked out great that I was available to take care of her and at the same time sending of tons of resumes’ .With her home and me doing the therapy she required, we saved a bunch of money as we didn’t have to pay $230.00 a day for a therapist to come in our house a perform the required exercises.  (3 days a week for 6 weeks)

More after the jump,  With the help of Chemistry dot com,  I have found the LOVE of my life.  On the third night I told him the truth about my history. (I had GRS in October 2005)  He said,’I thought something was strange, but thank you for being honest, I see you as the woman you are and the past stuff I could care a less about.  He still loves me. :).  I met his parents and he has met mine.  All parents agree that the both of us have never seemed so happy.

 Also, some of you know I dabble with Scott Trade.  I have almost quadrupled my money I put in to it.  $2,800 at first and and now worth $9,750.

 I just wanted to share so good news with my fellow blenders that the future looks bright for me and my family.   I start work the day my unemployment runs out, I had the extra cash from Scott Trade and I bought a vehicle that gets 55 MPG which I will ride most days to work.  it is a KAWASAKI NINJA 500cc motorcycle.

I want to thank everyone who has given me good advice and has become friends with me.  I will still read when I can, and will always fight for our rights.

Thank You Pam and the rest of the great people here,

LOVE and HUGGS, The HappyCat and Family.

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