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FRC’s Tony Perkins’ Take On NYT Article


Just got this in- emphasis mine…


Tonight, the New York State Senate Democratic Conference is holding an event at City Hall entitled, “Hollywood & Broadway.” Several Democratic senators will be in attendance as well as celebrities of both stage and screen.

With all the chaos that has been occurring in the Senate over the past several days and weeks, it’s important that we show our elected officials that we won’t stand for it.

Join Civil Rights Front, Marriage Equality New York, and other LGBT organizations as we gather outside the gates of City Hall and DEMAND that those who support the Marriage Equality Bill, further show their support by making it their priority to have the bill added back to the Senate agenda during these extraordinary sessions.

For those that are able to arrive at 5:00, we will be handing out flyers to those attending the event as they walk through the gates. These flyers will be encouraging them to call their Senator and Governor and make sure that marriage is brought to a vote before the extraordinary sessions end.

Please bring signs with a general message calling for them to “Act Now.” As those in attendance exit the event, we want everyone to be holding signs so that the message is clear.

We can’t wait any longer. It’s time to put the power back in the hands of the people!!!!


City Hall (260 Broadway)

East Gate


Event Page-….

Stand Up. Speak Out. Stay Strong.

Ah, always a classy fella. Instead of “thinking pink”, he is “seeing red”…

From yesterday’s “Washington Update”, he penned the following:

Return of the Pink Pander

It looks like the administration’s gay pride tour is making yet another stop. After changing policies on passports, federal benefits, and the U.S. Census, the New York Times has learned that President Obama’s attorneys are secretly drafting another executive orderthis time to protect cross-dressers from “discrimination” in the federal workforce.

Although the Times writes that transgenders barely make up a fraction of the Fed’s employees, this move was designed to quiet the homosexual activists who say the President hasn’t done enough for their cause. “The White House has not done much to advertise the provisions,” wrote the Times.

No wonder. Support for same-sex “marriage” has dropped nine points in eight weeks! Americans are tired of the administration’s pandering, and this move would only add to the backlash. The new rules are extremely troubling, especially since we have watched the Left use provisions like this one to push for things like genderless bathrooms.

According to one report, the guidelines will become part of the federal handbook for managers and supervisors in the next couple of months.

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