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Confessions of a Democratic Flip-Flopper

I'll admit that during the primary season, I tended to be more of a Hillary supporter, and even wrote a diary questioning how then-Candidate Obama seemed willing to 'say anything' as damage control.  Once the primaries were over, I started supporting Obama because he was the Democratic party candidate, who seemed better than the Republican offering, and I did not feel it would be worthwhile to support a 3rd party at the time.  Now I wonder, with recent actions (or inactions as the case may be) by the Administration and it's duly appointed representatives, if maybe we have been interpreting the phrase “fierce advocate” incorrectly.  The President has already shown (or perhaps his writers have shown and he goes along with it) a willingness to make somewhat inappropriate jokes about subjects near and dear to this gay man's heart–namely marriage.  Perhaps “fierce advocate” was also a pun and a joke.  (“Fierce” a la Christian Soriano, and “Advocate” referring to one of the most widely known GLBT publications)  With the other tone-deaf responses, would this be so out of line?

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