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CoffeeGirl’s Been Decaffeinated Today…

Which has inspired me- this is a perfect opportunity for me to convince her that she needs a sidekick. Many great super-heroes have one; so why not our favorite heroine?

I’m leaning towards “Espresso”short, over-caffeinated, and best tolerated in small doses!

And I’ve even been working on my catch phrases, a la “Batman and Robin”… see what you think.

“Steaming Sanka, CoffeeGirl!”

“Crappachino, CoffeeGirl!”

“Holy Hazelnut, CoffeeGirl!”

“Leaping Lattes, CoffeeGirl!”

“Jumping Java, CoffeeGirl!”

Anyone else wanna play?

Hope you feel strong, fresh and “percolated” again soon, CG! ūüėČ  

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