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Michael Heath’s “Jekyll and Hyde Morality”

Interesting phrasing of this June 22 MFPC piece appears when one clicks on the link….

On the Christian Civic League Maine Family Policy Council’s site, it reads as “A Lesson In Sin”.  

Let’s just have a little peek to see who Heath is attacking now:

A little more than twenty-four hours after Janet Mills appeared at a celebration of same sex marriage in Portland, Maine’s first female Attorney General also appeared at the opening of  Dirigo Girls State in Bangor.  Susan Collins was also scheduled to attend, but unexpectedly cancelled her appearance.

Girls State, of course, is a program which teaches young women about civics. One of the stated goals of Girls State is “to instill a greater understanding of our American traditions.” The foremost of these traditions, as they pertain to politics, is the belief that all people have certain inalienable rights; and first among these rights is the right to life.  

But the life and actions of Janet Mills and Susan Collins teach away from this principle.  Both  Mills and Collins believe in aborting unwanted children; and abortion deprives an unborn child of the right to life.  

The purpose of Girls State is not to encourage the ambition and pride of  young women, two qualities which  Janet Mills and Susan Collins possess in a high degree. It is to teach civics as a means to an end, that end being the creation of a good, a just, and a moral society. Homosexuality and abortion are not means to that end; and if the young women participate in the sins advocated by Mills and Collins, they will find themselves very unhappy indeed.

WOW. Heath really has issues with young women lately, doesn’t he?

I especially like the digs at the accomplishments of Mills and Collins as “ambition and pride”- great way to shame them by publically denouncing their “sins” and in doing so, those girls who would emulate them.

Shorter Heath: “Girls, get thee into the kitchens and bedrooms, all the better to perform thy God-dictated duties! Complain not, choose not and raise those babies!”

Wait until you read below who Michael Heath would have speak to these young women instead of Mills and Collins… fair warning on the keyboards!    This is hilarious:

Since society rests on moral principles, and is sustained by the life of coming generations, women politicians who advocate for homosexuality and abortion undermine society in ways faster and more thorough than those employed by criminals and subversives.

Abortion and homosexuality are two aspects of what might be called sexual emancipation, or “women’s lib,” if you prefer. In this pernicious doctrine, family and home, and even the unborn child, are sacrificed to personal ambition, and a mistaken notion of personal freedom.

To ask young women to emulate older women who believe political power can be achieved through sexual emancipation, including the murder of unborn children, is worse than ill-advised. It is evil.

Which begs the question, why are committed feminists held out as models for our young women, and not conservatives? Why not ask a Sarah Palin, a Michele Bachmann, or a Phyllis Schlafly to speak?

Um… maybe because the trio are all certifiable?

Heath goes on, in a separate piece on the same day entitled “True Education”, to opine that Maine children were better educated in a 1940s one-room schoolhouse

Many good-hearted Mainers are still alive who remember the one-room schoolhouse, with a portrait of Washington and Lincoln on the wall, and the Bible placed within handy reach.

Our lives are much more complicated now. Many communities boast Taj Mahals of learning, with shining gymnasiums, roomy auditoriums, and heated swimming pools.

Yet statistics show that our students rank last among the students of the industrialized world; and violent crime and alcohol and drug abuse are growing problems in our schools.

Could it be that we have lost just as much spiritually as we have gained materially?

Apparently Michael Heath has never attended a local joint school and town budget meeting: where neighbors are arguing about how to rework bus routes, eliminate stops, and cut special education positions to be able to pay for the cost of heating 50 year old school buildings.

Because the small town simply cannot AFFORD to replace the building with a “Taj Mahal”. The cafeteria doubles as the “auditorium”, triples as the “gymnasium”- and the pool?

Get your butt to the YMCA 25 miles away, kids.

Heath hasn’t witnessed multiple debates and budget meetings lasting for hours regarding how to pay for roof repair, yet again setting aside repaving the driveway and walkways leading to the schools- even though it is unpassable for any child in a wheelchair or walker.

Disability Act? HA! Try “Budget Badminton”, as the town and school hit it back and forth at each other, saying the other side has to deal with it…

Just saying. “Taj Mahal”, my A**!

He then goes on to reprint an obscure bit of Maine law- am chopping it down for brevity and I’m going to highlight a different part than he did:


Section 127: To insure greater security in the faith of our fathers, to inculcate into the lives of the rising generation, the spiritual values necessary to the well-being of our and future civilizations, to develop those high moral and religious principles essential to human happiness, to make available to the youth of our land the book which has been the inspiration of the greatest masterpieces of literature, art, and music, and which has been the strength of the great men and women of the Christian era, there shall be, in all the public schools of the state, daily or at suitable intervals, readings from the scriptures with special emphasis on the Ten Commandments, the Psalms of David, the Proverbs of Solomon, the Sermon on the Mount, and the Lord’s Prayer.

It is provided further, that there shall be no denominational or sectarian comment or teaching, and each student shall give respectful attention, but shall be free in his own forms of worship.

Ah- no demoninational comment. Right. See any mention of the Quran in here? I can’t see the word “Torah”, either… and what about we atheists?

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: True “freedom of religion” INCLUDED “freedom FROM religion”.

A concept I first learned, Mister Heath, in MY Maine public high school Civics class.

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