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Whip Count Day 1

Whip Count Day 1

Committed Leaning Yes Undecided Leaning No Against
  1. Howard Berman
  2. Jerry Costello
  3. Elijah Cummings
  4. Keith Ellison
  5. Alan Grayson
  6. Mazie Hirono
  7. Jim McDermott
  8. Jerrold Nadler
  9. Henry Waxman
  10. Peter Welch
  11. Robert Wexler
  12. David Wu
  13. John Yarmuth
  1. Corrine Brown
  2. Sam Farr
  3. Dave Reichert

Yesterday we kicked off our citizen whip count effort to demand that a public option be part of any health care reform, and introduced our new Whip Count Tool.

Phoenix Woman’s diary on the whip effort went all the way to the top of the recommended list over at Kos, and nyceve has one that is climbing there right now.  

Remember — we’re not just asking them to support a public plan that is 1) nationwide, 2) available from day one and 3) answerable to the voters and Congress.  We’re asking them to commit to vote against anything that does not have these three features.

That’s where the power is — 40 votes against anything else can keep a bad bill from passing.

We’ll be following the news today over at the Silo with NYCeve, Marisa McNee, Dave Meyer & everyone who is calling. 

Use Our Public Plan Whip Tool

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