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How Stupid Does Erick Erickson Feel Today?

225px-GovernorSanford-_OfficialPortrait.jpgErick, who once wrote, "Mark Sanford is my favorite governor in the United States," should do himself a favor and watch Glengarry Glen Ross. To quote the Al Pacino character, "you never open your mouth until you know what the shot is."

The Lessons of Mark Sanford’s Hike

First, we need to be clear on the facts — not the media speculation:

  • Sanford did tell his staff and family where he was going.
  • Because he was traveling without a security detail, it was in his best interests that no one knew he was gone.
  • His political enemies — Republicans at that — ginned up the media story.
  • When confronted by a pestering media, things went downhill.
  • Again though, at all times there was no doubt that Sanford’s staff and family knew where he was.

Yeah, pretty much all those "facts" are wrong. But cheer up, Erick. You’ve still got the incredibly popular Sarah Palin.

For those interested, Sanford’s giving a presser to explain himself at 2PM eastern.


HuffPo has the video.


This is not starting well. Sanford began by asking if an aide were present. She wasn’t. Now he’s rambling about the Applachian Trail and how awesome his previous "adventure trips" were. 


Finally got around to apologizing to his wife and kids about 4 minutes in. That’s how he should’ve started.


Sanford, after rambling about "God’s laws" has admitted to an affair with someone in Argentina and apologized.


Sanford resigns as head of the GOP governor’s association.

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