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Chicanos: “Tough” Choices Versus “Correct” Choices?

"Tough" Choices Versus "Correct" Choices

Presidential decision-making, ultimately, has tangential results, and some these results are not pretty, in the least.

Take, for example, President Obama has it within his ‘authority’ to issue a directive to the Pentagon, and done in the form of an Executive Order. This Order would direct the Pentagon about Obama’s "Stop-Loss" in which our men and women in uniform would not be discharged for being gay or lesbian. As such, this Stop-Loss Order would end the existing regime for Don’t Ask Don’t Tell or DADT. And since President Obama will not issue his Executive Order, he is stating quite emphatically, that he wants Congress to pass legislation accordingly in order to end DADT. To wit, President Obama does not want to take any political heat or "blame" from those voters who will disagree with him.

In contrast, President Obama has intervened in an immigration issue in which the foreign-born spouse will be deported since the American born spouse has since died and prior to having achieved citizenship via naturalization. His intervention has put a stop to the deportation of the foreign born spouse until such time as Congress has passed Immigration Reform and subsequently, providing the ‘fix’ necessary.

Therefore, President Obama intervenes in one instance where no one would cast blame or political aspersions, but in another instance, sets out to intentionally avoid any public criticism that would attach itself to his political opportunity for re-election.

And I am left wondering as to why he couldn’t do both since the LGBT community is member in good standing within the Democratic Coalition, just as the Latino is? And maybe, just maybe, the fundamental flaw among constitutional scholars is that the ‘buffet’ table is much too large and too complicated for any one person to fully understand "leadership", especially when his ear is being bent by a neo-lib? And which leads to my next question, "Is there going to be a second rate leadership in our future" relative to Equality and the Rule of Law?

Now about the "political" Choices for Chicanos?


Note: Cross posted at the web site for the Chicano Veterans Organization

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