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Senator Graham Has a Match and He’s Looking for Iranian Gasoline

Sunday on This Week, Senator Graham delivered the neocon talking points with an emphatic call for regime change in Iran.

George Stephanopoulos provided no proper introduction of Senator Graham’s abysmal record on such matters, much less the USA’s record on regime change in Iran. The Senator is a politician who has always championed regime change somewhere, anywhere, and he has always been bloody wrong. He repeats the word peaceful, but has never in his life managed to work for peace outside of military conflict, usually conflicts based on lies. Graham, an ardent supporter of legalized torture designed to garner more lies, can never be a man of peace. That ship sailed long ago.

When the neocons call for peaceful regime change, Americans should consider themselves warned. George Stephanopoulos should check out wikipedia and count the millions of lives Senator Graham’s war and torture votes alone have destroyed. Then George should try to count how many people found peace due to neocon or neoliberal policies. 

E-mail George Stephonopolous here, and tell him this kind of journalism kills innocent people. It’s time to call out this type of subversive war-fevered public relations gig early and often, or history will repeat itself.

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