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Pray Away the Gay and Penis Pills???

Penis PillsAccording to Lifesite, there is now a study that supposedly confirms the efficacy of reparative “therapy” aka “pray away the gay.” They further claim that it has been published in a peer reviewed scientific journal. That would be [cough] The Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality. Aside from the rather unimpressive advisory board, all you need to know about the EJHS is that they seem to exist to endorse penis pills. Think I am joking?


Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality

The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality endorses only products that have been researched by the Institute and which the Institute considers safe and effective.  The Institute's name as well as those of Dr. Ted McIlvenna, the board, faculty members and the researchers, are being used without permission to endorse and promote other products not researched by the Institute.  The only products for which the Institute has granted a license for these names to be used are:  Vigorex forte and Vigorex femme (US  trademarks); Passion's Fire; Pleasure; Nutrisex; ProformRX; Improvex and Climatique.

 Presumably “Vigorex femme” is not a penis pill. At least I hope not. The “Journal” is published by an unaccredited vocational school. In their FAQ, the school claims to be accredited by the Bureau of Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education of the State of California. That is not an accrediting agency.

Here's a blurb from LifesiteNews:

NEW YORK, June 23, 2009 ( – A new report in the first edition of the peer-reviewed Journal of Human Sexuality has found that sexual orientation is not immutable and that psychological care for individuals with unwanted homosexual attractions is beneficial and poses no significant risk of harm.

The study, What Research Shows: NARTH's Response to the American Psychological Associations Claims on Homosexuality, examines over 100 years of professional and scientific literature as well as over 600 reports from clinicians, researchers, and former clients principally published in professional and peer-reviewed journals.

This research, assembled over a period of eighteen months by three of the leading academics and therapists in the field and under the direction of the NARTH Scientific Advisory Committee, refutes claims made by some factions of the American Psychological Association and several other professional mental health organizations.

 I hate to break it to them but NARTH doesn't have any “leading academics and therapists.”

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