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“Committee for Reconciliation” Attempts to Change LDS Stance

Mormon parents of GLBTs are beginning to take a stand to confront the more or less confusing position of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints toward its GLBT members. [The current LDS Church position for those with “same-sex attraction” is complete chastity.]


This article from the Salt Lake City Tribune reports that a “Committee for Reconciliation” has been formed which

…invites both sides to be “open” to understanding, forgiveness and apology.

The committee plans to deliver the petition to top LDS leaders Nov. 4, the first anniversary of Prop 8's passage. The LDS Church declined to comment Monday.

BUT:  There's more than one way to present a petition…

There's more…

It has been proven over and over again that GLBT rights and acceptance are not often gained by our own devices… it takes support from outside our community to make a real difference.  Marriage rights recently won in Vermont and Maine come to mind — a LOT of straight people helped in those fights… and we thank them for that.

I believe it will take the [non-]efforts of Mormon parents to likewise get the attention of leaders of the LDS Church before any real change is accomplished.  That is why I am proposing a GLBT parent/supporter strike of all LDS Church activities during the week of October 11 through 17… including [and if you're not Mormon, you may not know what I'm talking about] Sacrament Meeting, Scouts, Priesthood and Relief Society meetings, Elders' Quorum and Stake Meetings.  If the parents and supporters of Mormon GLBTs were to cease ALL such activity for an entire week, the 15 old guys in SLC might take notice.

[It's a good thing October 11th — traditionally National Coming Out Day — is on a Sunday this year, eh?]

From the article:

Utahn Linda Stay – a mother of five, including a gay son and a lesbian daughter – is hoping for reconciliation in her family. The Washington City resident and former Mormon signed the petition earlier this month.

She has become a gay-rights activist, staging a candlelight vigil in St. George before the Prop 8 vote and marching in Salt Lake City's Pride Parade earlier this month. But her stance has strained ties with her siblings and stepchildren, who are devout Mormons.

“I know that there are hundreds, thousands of families sitting in Mormon congregations that have a gay kid or brother or sister, and they are being torn apart inside,” Stay said. “The church really does owe these families a huge apology. At some point, they need to re-examine their tactics in drawing that line in the sand and saying, 'Follow the prophet or support your gay children.' ”

For Stay, the choice was simple: Her kids.


The choice IS simple, parents and friends of GLBT LDSs.  Which one will you make?

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