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Possibly the Dumbest Fox All Star Panel of All Time

I don’t usually watch Fox All Stars because, . . . well I just don’t. But I happened to catch this segment after some friends pointed it out.

This may be the dumbest collection of statements by a political panel ever uttered on the same show, with the possible exception of any single interview of John Boehner or Mike Pence.

Watch this through and count the number of inane comments. And pay particular attention to the Weekly Standard’s incomparable Stephen Hayes.

My favorite is when Hayes said that the media had taken sides in the "torture debate." There’s a debate about whether what we did was "enhanced interrogation or torture," he said, but the media is calling it "torture," so they’ve already taken sides.

After he said that, the others said nothing, and Chris Wallace followed with a meaningless graphic showing that a whopping 42 percent of news stories about Obama recently have been "positive" compared to smaller percentages for Bush and Clinton. Then, ignoring the 58 percent implied by the graphic, they lamented all the positive "personality" and "celebrity" coverage Obama gets, while, they claimed, there’s too little critical coverage of the substance of his policies.

This was a surprise to me. I read a dead tree’s worth of the NYT and Boston Globe every day, the WaPo and others on line, and dozens of articles/blogs I find. So I was shocked to learn all of those stories and analyses of the financial package, auto bailout, Gitmo, torture memos, spying briefs, the stimulus, the budget, climate change, clean coal, health care reform etc — literally hundreds of stories per week — were mostly about personality/celebrity stuff and that Obama was getting a free ride on policy substance. I had no clue.

Then the All Stars expressed concern that Obama could joke about sleeping with Brian Williams and that all the reporters voted for him. It didn’t occur to any of them the media might just be relieved not to be dealing with a White House full of morons.

Byron York closed by saying Obama might have "contempt for the media." The usual response is to say, "Byron, it’s not about you," but I guess we can’t say that here.

Crooks and Liars was as awed as I was. I’m hoping Digby writes about this, as only she can. So in anticipation of that, I’ll only add, "what Digby said."

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