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Frothy Mixture On Ensign?

Uh-oh. Howie Kurtz, in his WaPo online chat today, claims that Rick Santorum may be the link between FOX News and John Ensign.

Boston: Did Megyn Kelly or FOX notify Senator Ensign of his former staffer’s letter? The Senator’s timing seems fishy (coming clean a year late, but a couple of days after Ms. Kelly was first notified).

Howard Kurtz: There is no evidence that Fox or Megyn Kelly notified Ensign, as they took no steps to pursue the story. But someone clearly tipped off Ensign. A source tells me that former senator Rick Santorum, who happens to be a Fox contributor, happened to separately receive the Hampton letter. But I don’t know if he told his former colleague Ensign about it or not.

So how many copies did Doug Hampton send around? Or were copies of the email and letter made at FOX and distributed to anyone who wanted one? And if so many FOX employees knew about the letter, how did FOX keep the lid on the letter until scooped by the Las Vagas Sun?

Someone better send a letter to John Ensign about getting Santorum out of his golf togs.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge