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White House Ratchets Up the Pressure on A-List Gays


We found out today that the White House has decided to throw a big gay party at the end of the month. It’s clear that the purpose is two-fold. First, the White House is trying, again, to surround the president with A-list gays in order to show how "gay friendly" he is – he’s even willing to give a speech in a room full of them for a full 8 minutes! And second, the White House hopes that a little champagne and fancy food will convince the A-listers to throw the rest of you overboard. Because, after all, what’s two gay service members discharged a day and an ongoing effort to legally label you as akin to pedophilia and incest, when there’s champagne to be served.

I’ve heard about A-List gays in DC having their arms twisted to push back against criticism of the White House for its handling of DADT and  DOMA.  I know many of these people and their commitment to ending DADT and DOMA is sincere, and having their livelihoods (and those of the people who work for them) threatened if they don’t intervene on behalf of the White House is truly low politics.

The campaign that John and Joe Sudbay are waging to stop people from attending the $1000 a head DNC gay fundraiser this Thursday has been impressive. Movements that start at the grassroots create the space for everyone to operate in, and aren’t susceptible to being squelched because those at the top are able to put the screws to a few key people.

Keep up with the coverage at AmericaBlog.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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