After reading several posts across the blogosphere about our elected officials having been covered by some government sponsored plan for many years, I asked myself a question, how can they know what goes on out there with real people if they never been off the dole?

Take an example, my Senator John McCain has been on some government sponsored plan since he was born in Panama. His father a naval officer, grew up in a military family with coverage. Then he enlisted in the navy too, military medicine until he was shot down and it was Military and VA health care system who managed his care. Even when he was not active military he always had VA benefits.

He was elected to Congress then to the Senate, each having their own version of a Federal Benefits Employee Plan (FEBA). All along McCain had his VA benefits and when he turned 65, he became eligible for Medicare. Yes these two plans would be secondary and one government plan does not pay back to another another(worked for FEBA)but there was coverage.

McCain be man enough to trade shoes with me….. trying to pay the $3000 annual co-insurance out of pocket payment on disability…… finding out that the latest FDA approved drug for my Kidney Cancer will NOT be covered for 6 months after approved ….. cost containment ….. and after all we don’t want anyone from the government between my doctor and my care……. NO I have some contract written between my health insurance and my employer between the latest drug in my battle……

What I am looking at is for as many of the pups to start looking at their congressmen and senators and see just how long they have been "sucking on the government tit" for their health coverage.

I really don’t think there is anyone more egregious than McCain but I have read of others who have been on some government sponsored plan for well over 30 years. Please help me make a list to point out the hypocrisy…..This is not including their spouses, children and other family members.