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Gary Randall in Review

Previously I posted Larry Stickney in Review, a summary of what we know about the campaign manager for Protect Marriage Washington.  Protect Marriage Washington is the misnamed group trying to undermine families and endanger children by repealing Washington’s Domestic Partnership Expansion Law of 2009 via Referendum 71.

Now it’s time to take a more comprehensive look at Gary Randall.  Gary Randall is a board member of Protect Marriage Washington, chairman of the board for Faith and Freedom Political Action Committee andProfessional History


Managing the Anti-Domestic Partnership Campaign

Media Savvy


Financial Management Skills

1.  Diverted referendum funds to his non-referendum organizations.

2.  Raised no objections when his PAC’s Vice Chair Senator Dan Swecker attempted to give anti-DP forces a state subsidy by pushing an amendment that would have required that the new DP law go directly to a voter referendum.

3.  Paid self almost $54,000 for 15 hours of work per week in 2006, the year his anti-gay R-65 failed.

4.  Allocated only 25% of donor funds to program services, on average.

Corporate Management Skills

1.  Gave his own ego priority over coalition-building.

Honesty and Truthfulness

1.  Raised false hopes that domestic partnership legislation could be defeated.

2.  Prioritized acquisition of voter data from petitions over honest petition language.






1.  Ignored solid trends in polling data showing that voters support DPs.

2.  Teamed up with the married thrice, divorced twice Larry Stickney who: thought it wise to include two monumental campaign failures on his website profile; flushed cash down the crapper by airing anti-equality t.v. ads in the districts of very solid pro-equality legislators who he had no chance of influencing; etc. etc..

Personal History





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