America finding new ways to let Sarah Palin know they’re not into her and they wish she would quit calling and texting and stuff

Sarah Palin is very disappointed in you

Poor Sarah Palin.

She so wants to be America’s Bestest Girlfriend ever, but America was only interested in a one night stand and now she calls and calls and, you know, we talk and stuff, but the pants-exploding starburst just isn’t there anymore.

Last week,  for example, all she really wanted was for a few people to show up in Gomorrah New York City and kindly ask that TV guy to quit mouth-raping her daughters with his dirty limericks on his not-nice television show. I mean, yeah, some people showed up, but it didn’t really go as planned according to spokesdouche John Ziegler:

Me: HuffPo reported attendance at 15 protesters, vs 35 media. Do you have an estimate? Also, any reactions/corrections (to the HuffPo story?)

John Ziegler: That number is absurd. I have no idea what the number was because we were on Broadway for heaven sakes but I must have had 10 people ask for an autograph or photo. I also really never cared about the numbers. I had nothing to do with getting people out there. Unfortunately the firm that was hired to provide the audio equipment did not provide a speaker and there was no way to gather the crowd. Meanwhile the media sought out those that they thought would make the event look as bad as possible and it split everything apart.

Clearly the media has decided this is over and for many reasons we were not ableto change that narrative.

Me: Are you more concerned with Letterman’s firing at this point, or keeping a spotlight on the issue?

John Ziegler: I just think it is a shame that it appears he is going to benefit from all of this. Even in apparent/perceived “defeat” we have exposed the blatant double standards that are at work here. Obviously the reason he is getting away with it is that the media considers anything negative about Palin and even her family to be fair game.

Damn you "firm that was hired to provide the audio equipment" and your Palin-hating ways! Also. The Media.

Meanwhile, over at Conservatives 4 Palin, they were holding a seven-day fundraiser to pay Sara’s legal bills and as of Thursday, it wasn’t going so well but there were still three days left and things were picking up steam just like a snowball rolling downhill that becomes an avalanche that engulfs and smothers a small town destroying all signs of life until the spring thaw comes and the bodies, their faces frozen in twisted silent screams of terror, are recovered by grim-faced men who have seen to much death and pain and sorrow.

So. How’d that fundraiser end up?


With $500,000 in legals bills Sarah Palin is looking to be about…hmmmmm…$390,380 and change short. In "legal bills" circles this is called "disappointing". Also "not enough".

Fortunately, the weather is nice in Alaska this time of year so Sarah and the Palin daughters (Brillo, Whistler, and Nunchuck) have ample opportunity to go door-to-door selling delicious homemade moose jerky which should pretty much make up the deficit because, everyone knows, Alaskans just can’t get enough tasty moose snacks to have on hand when avalanche season comes and you need something to chew on while waiting for the rescue crews to show…..

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