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Join the Montana Maven on her radio show today and cough up Hair Balls of Hokum

Join Dave Z. and me, Lady Di, the Baronness of Beef with a Beef about too much baloney shoved down our gullets by the squawking and tweeting birds of a feather who serve the Fat Cats. We are not Fat Cats. We are Feral Cats and each week we ask you to join our brigade of truth finders and cough up the hair balls of hokum that got caught in our bellies. You can also join the Border Collies of Sanity Brigade and round up those stray bits of good ideas that seemed to slip away from the bloviators of blather. Round them up and bring them home.

Our radio show today at
2PM Mountain Time
we have on the brilliant Glen Ford of Glen has two terrific pieces on health care reform which connects the dots between the White House and The Senate. Back in February of 2008, Glen told us that we were in the "mother of all bubbles", so if we have time, we want to talk to him about health care, but also the black hole we have entered and if these so called financial reforms will do any good.
Black Agenda Report

At 3PM Mountain we have former CIA analyst Melvin Goodman, another favorite of ours. Melvin wrote a great book on the CIA called "Failure of Intelligence". We’ve ask Mel on again to help us make sense out of what is happening in Iran.

At 4PM we have the head of the organization "Green Coalition of Gay Loggers for Jesus", Brian Leyland, on to explain why his organization has applied for a parade permit to march with the tea party group that has a permit for July 4 in Bozeman, MT. Interesting place, Montana.

Speaking of Bozeman, Montana was yet again embarrassed by some goofball in city government asking for people’s Facebook password on their job application. It made the news in Great Britain. Bozeman wants your Facebook password

You can live stream us at Democracy’s Edge Talk Radio

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