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CW – (Charlotte NC station WJZY)

Well, this isn't gonna be much of a dary because I'm to outraged to type anything very coherent, but…


Currently WJZY ( is currently airing a program on silencing christians (


Can I get a help “Help we'ere being Oppressed” Graphic?

 Update: Still not any calmer. But the link for the program features the full program brought to you by… wait for it… AFA.

The end of the program claims “the homosexuals” have an ally in Barrack Obama, and refers to Then it enumerates the rights we are working for and the devestating effect they will have on Christians. Like Same-sex marriage will teach kids we are okay.Hate Crimes laws will cause pastors tp be arrested. And ENDA will force churches to hire homosexuals then provide a tolerant environment for them to work in.

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