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The D.C. Marriage Recognition Saga

If it didn’t involve our basic civil rights, I’d be greatly enjoying the unfolding drama in D.C.  Not the drama of the DNC fundraiser, but the Marriage Recognition Passion Play, starring Bigot Bishop Harry Jackson and Betrayer (former) Mayor Marion Barry.  It is quite an extraordinary performance.  A program synopsis is after the fold.  To entice you there, here’s a bit of dialogue from the last act before intermission:

Referendum backers seek more time to collect signatures.

Is Larry Stickney mismanaging the haters’ campaign in D.C. too?  OK, here’s what’s happened so far (major h/t to Monumentality).

  • The entire DC council, except Barry, voted to recognize same-sex marriages solumnized elsewhere.

  • Jackson, a Maryland cleric, didn’t like that, and crossed the border to file a referendum on the Council’s decision.

  • But the DC Board of Elections invalidated the referendum on the grounds that it conflicted with the city’s Human Rights act.

  • And that brings us to today’s news that Jackson is challenging that latest decision in court and trying to have the Board of Elections decision invalidated.

    Referendum backers seek more time to collect signatures

    Opponents of same-sex marriage in the District asked a judge Thursday to delay implementation of a law recognizing such unions performed in other jurisdictions….

    A “stay” on the legislation is necessary for referendum supporters to collect more than 20,000 valid signatures…before the law takes effect. …

    [Brian Flowers, general counsel for the D.C. Council] said referendum proponents had plenty of time to file a proposal for a referendum, but they are running out of time because they waited until May 27 to file their paperwork.

    “They waited over two weeks to file the referendum, and now theyre saying they dont have enough time,” he said.

    The referendum proponents argued that the D.C. Council introduced the provision recognizing same-sex marriage in a stealth manner by amending another bill, but Mr. Flowers said opponents of same-sex marriage were “well aware” of the timing of legislation, pointing to rallies organized by Mr. Jackson in April objecting to such a bill.

    Monumentality lets us in on this entertaining footnote about carpetbagger Jackson

    Complicating the matter is whether Mr. Jackson has standing as a District resident to propose the referendum. As the Washington Blade has reported, Jackson and his wife own two houses (blessed are the poor?) in Montgomery County, Maryland, and neighbors claim they reside in one of those houses, a $1.1-million mansion. The Jacksons, however, claim neither home as their principal residence according to tax records. For the purpose of voting, Mr. Jackson claims residence in unit 630 in the tony Whitman condominium building in the Mount Vernon Triangle area of DC. Tax records show that a Mr. Joseph Honaker owns this one-bedroom condo and claims it as his primary residence. If these records all hold true, it would appear that Mr. Jackson shares a one-bedroom condo with another man.

    Others joining Jackson in the case (some, oddly, call themselves Civil RightsTM activists) are DC residents and doubtless can fulfill the standing requirement.  But it’s amusing, especially in light of spewage from Jackson “We are not going to sit by and allow an unelected board of bureaucrats…”.  So when was he, a Marylander, elected the activist judgementarian for DC? lol

    Ooh, they’re dimming the lights in the lobby.  Intermission is over – time to get back to my seat.  I’ll let you know if the final act was satisfying and believable, or required total and deliberate suspension of disbelief. ūüėČ

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