…and she's not going to be alone.  Maria Shriver will be with her.


“First Lady Michelle Obama is kicking off a White House push to underscore the importance of volunteerism in San Francisco on Monday — a move that will have political figures here elbowing each other to get in the frame with her.

But step aside, folks, it's California First Lady Maria Shriver who snags that honor before all. Volunteerism has long been her leading issue, and she's going to be alongside First Lady Michelle for the day in the starring role.

Look for other pols to be checking in — like San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who is also a 2010 Democratic gubernatorial candidate.”

Would this be an opportunity to let the First Lady know that we are not satisfied with the way her husband has been handling his campaign promises or his DOJ? 

I know that I would never compare the relationship he has with his wife to and incestual relationship or one that is akin to child rape.  I would never say to the first lady that she is a draw on the precious resources of our federal government.

According the press release: 

“During this summer, the president is renewing his call to all Americans to identify needs in their communities, engage in meaningful service to create change — and stay engaged with these projects long after September.''

My community needs to represented by a fierce advocate in Washington DC  – the one we campaigned for, donated to, and voted for.  Meaningful service that creates change for my community would invovle letting the First Lady know that her husband and his administration has harmed my family by defending DOMA and doing nothing to repeal it as he said he would.  He hasn't done anything and neither has the party that he now heads. 

We want ENDA and UAFA.  We want an end to DADT and DOMA.  No more crumbs.  No more courtesy.  No more DNC blackmail.  No more rhtoric of fierce advocacy in place of action.

And what would be better than making this point on Monday 6/22 when(as the article states):  “…having Michelle Obama on board in San Francisco to make the case is a coup, bigtime, for Shriver and California; it not only ensures that armies of TV cameras will be focusing on state and local efforts, but brings out an adoring public — and that hoard of local elected officials to lend support (and get in the picture).”

Everyone wants a piece…and so do I.




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