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Kevin Smith, anti-civil-rights crusader, appointed to NH Civil Rights Advisory Committee

According to a press release, Kevin Smith, who has worked for the Family Research Council and is now director of NH anti-equality organization Cornerstone Policy Research, has been appointed by The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to its New Hampshire Advisory Committee.

Fresh from his organization's  several-month stint as a source of illegal anti-equality robocalls, Kevin's credentials appear to include the ability to get out of state anti-equal rights groups to pour money into NH, and attacking any and every effort to provide equal rights to NH citizens.

Thanks to Putney Swope of Blue Hampshire for discovering this heinous and ridiculous appointment.




What this committee does:

Congress has directed the Commission to establish advisory committees in all states and the District of Columbia to assist in its fact-finding function. These committees receive reports, suggestions, and recommendations from individuals, public and private organizations, and public officials, and forward advice and recommendations to the Commission. Members of State Advisory Committees serve without compensation and conduct civil rights reviews and investigations, and report to the Commission.

 To appoint someone who is making a career out of marketing campaigns to deny civil rights to people to such a position is profoundly distressing. It's hard to imagine a more inappropriate person for this job.

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