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Gay exorcism: child-abuse in the name of God.

A terribly disturbing video appeared on Youtube recently, apparently showing the members of the Manifested Glory Ministries of Connecticut subjecting a teenager to a psychologically devastating and physically violent ordeal in the name of exorcising his 'homosexual demons'. It amazes me that this sort of abuse can be justified by religious faith.,0,4811543.story?track=rss


The Manifested Glory Ministries Minstry appears to be a small, husband-and-wife outfit operating in Connecticut. The exorcism ritual continues in harrowing fashion for over 20 minutes as the teenage boy writhes, kicks and even vomits at one point. At all times, the subject and the 'exorcist', who makes repeated references to 'homosexuality' and 'homosexual demons', are suurounded by a group of witnesses who shout and pray as the child goes into near seizure.


This must be stopped. this is child-abuse; psychological violation.



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