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Do Coleman’s Staffers Know Something?

Well, this is certainly intriguing as the MN Supreme Court decision looms…

In recent weeks, two of [Norm Coleman’s] top staffers have gotten new jobs.

LeRoy Coleman (no relation), who served as Coleman’s Senate communications director, has now joined the Republican National Committee as director of media affairs. And two weeks ago another top Coleman staffer, campaign manager Cullen Sheehan, became an RNC regional director.

TPM thinks the Sheehan move is especially significant because he’s Norm’s co-plaintiff – but win or lose, Norm doesn’t really need a campaign manager anymore.

On the other hand, it sure looks like Other Coleman gave up hope of his position’s continued existence.  Did he make an educated guess, or did Norm tell him something about his plans for after the decision?  Or was Norm just so tapped out that he couldn’t make payroll?

Meanwhile, Al Franken has been hiring since April.

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