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Hard to believe they aren\’t popular any more.

Not that it got much attention in the reporting but this seemed rather pertinent in the latest NBC news poll:

There was also support for the Democratic push to let people sign up for a public health-care plan that would compete with private companies, one of the toughest issues in the health-care debate. Three in four people said a public plan is extremely or quite important.

Considering this is one area where Obama is somewhat inclined to be, you know, liberal, it is something to support him on, especially since the poll goes on to say when right-wing bullcrap talking points from Frank Luntzville are tossed around support remains prevailing but diminished.

But lest the GOP think this is a harbinger of a comeback additionally bolstered by that "gigantic" anti-David Letterman rally of literally a dozen people, that dog doesn’t hunt – in fact, it doesn’t even respirate:

25 percent hold a favorable view of the Republican Party, which is an all-time low for it in the poll

Good job Newt, Rush, Sean. Keep it up.

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