Sarah Palin, the wildly popular governor of Alaska with a following so fucking enormous that an amazing fifteen (15!) supporters from a metropolitan area containing close to 19 million (19,000,000!) people turned out to defend her and her children from a mouth-raping late-nite comedian, has some legal bills that she needs to pay.  So supporters, led by Conservatives4Palin (with an assist from Team Sarah) are holding a seven-day webathon to raise  a half-million dollars ($500,000!) for the plucky just-like-you frontier hockey-mom she-bear aerial-wolf-killing mavericky language-mangler.

We’re in Day 4, so how’s it goin’?:



Since, according to John Hawkins, Sarah Palin is "the odds-on favorite at this point to become the first woman president"  you would think that lobbyists would be lining up to get a piece of that action early and the money would flow like water, and contributions like a mighty stream.

Go figure.

On the other hand, ninety-two thousand dollars ($92,000!) is nothing to sneeze at. That’s enough to get you through Neiman-Marcus and, at least, through the shoe department at Saks with maybe enough  left over to update your slutty flight attendant MILFY Governor pitbull with lipstick first woman President look at Sephora.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....