This is Pam’s night to shine!

First and foremost – a toast to Pam as she is recognized by the Womens Media Center!

It's been a helluva day, not to mention week in gay politics.  Love or hate him, John Aravosis has done an incredible job exposing the Obama administration's real approach to dealing with gay rights.

But the reason for this post is to thank Pam and Kate, and Kate, we all appreciate the leeway you give Pam to work on PHB!

The effort that Pam put into exposing the upcoming DNC take the gay money fundraiser was crucial to putting the Obama admin on alert.

And Pam puts so many hours into keeping all of us in touch with what is going on around us, and serves to help us and key us into issues that matter to all of us.  You are doing one hell of a job Pam!  Through you our voice is stronger.

This blog is not just about you though Pam, you are wise enough to include other voices.  You  welcomed Autumn, with a great perspective from the trans community that the gay community often ignores.  And then there is Louise with her front line reports from Maine in the fight for equality.  And Lurleen who has a great nack for finding the fundies we are battling on the west coast.  And you are generous enough to allow your readers to post diaries, which opens up the world to us.

You have the best java anywhere Pam.  That is something to be proud of.

I hope that you enjoy the night and the recognition.  You deserve it.

The coffee is on me the next time you come to MSP.  And I know a place with some awesome desserts too!

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